Althea is a self-starter.  She brings a fresh perspective from a global career to every project.  This makes her a sought after collaborator and mentor in her fields of knowledge – music technology, remote collaboration, and communications in new media.   In her own words: “I love new ideas!  The most exciting moment is when I see a problem and know I can make this better, I can improve the way that we live and communicate.”   Reach out to Althea here for more info about her projects and for future collaborations. 

Current Employment

Public VR Lab, Brookline Interactive Group

I work at The Public VR Lab @ Brookline Interactive Group once a week as a 360/VR Intern.  I create digital soundscapes with sound and music for period-related environments in ArrivalVR. Research gaze-based user interfaces and applied the knowledge to optimize the UI of our ArrivalVR application to make it more intuitive.  I am also tasked with demoing our projects at public events.

Immersive Technology Lab, Berklee College of Music

I currently work at the Immersive Technology Lab @ Berklee College of Music as a Immersive Tech Lab Monitor.  I support students and faculty in renting and using the virtual, augmented and extended reality equipment at Berklee’s Immersive Technology Lab. Manage inventory through installing, testing, upgrading, and replacing workstation components in the IT lab. Troubleshoot hardware and software issues.  I also help students with their class projects involving virtual, augmented and extended realities.  

Current Projects


Althea is the Student Outreach Coordinator with RAIDAR.  RAIDAR is a music licensing platform, built by Berklee in collaboration with MIT Connection Science.  Through RAIDAR Berklee students monetize and license songs to visual media students.  RAIDAR uses revolutionary blockchain technologies to track transactions.  With blockchain, we have the unique opportunity to make the internet trustworthy again by having immutable records of the transaction.  RAIDAR is a prototype of this on a small scale in a controlled environment.  In her own words Althea says: “I really see this as the future (of music), artists owning their music, being able to see where their revenue comes from and to have proof of their work protecting them from infringements.”

Watch Nicole D’avis’s presentation of RAIDAR at DAVOS 2020 here. 


Althea is the sound designer/composer/UI designer for ArrivalVR.

Arrival VR is the first nationally co-created XR storytelling project gathering and curating immigration/migration stories of Americans [pre-1620 through 2019] and incorporating them into a visual XR/VR immersive timeline.  Read a few of their stories here.

The project will offer an XR experience, a field guide, training, and tools for the project’s installation, a participatory mobile studio, and curriculum for arts, film festivals, and cultural host-organizations to facilitate civic dialogue on “what it means to be American” as part of the exhibit.

Dream Machine

Althea is the head sound implementer for Dream Machine a Berklee collaboration with Nona Hendrix and Chagall Berg.  Dream Machine is the first virtual immersive collaborative performance.  

Watch this space for information on the performance. 



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